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As you age your teeth will naturally lose their bright white shine, but that doesn't mean you have to take those changes lying down. Learn about the many cosmetic treatments available from Dr. Leon A. Conkling.


Are you tired of hiding your smile?

Bring back your smile's shine

You can get a straighter, whiter, and more beautiful smile with our natural-looking cosmetic solutions. From whiter teeth to a corrective fix, there's an answer for everything.

Teeth whitening

You have many teeth whitening solutions available to you, but only a dentist can assess your particular needs and recommend a treatment plan. Make an appointment today to learn about your alternatives.

Teeth straightening

Do you wish you had a straighter smile? You can! Say goodbye to the painful, ugly metal braces of years past and hello to new non-intrusive, invisible options. Veneers and implants can help give you the luster you've lost.

Woman happy on teeth cleaning lips and smile